Harry Segall’s play “Heaven Can Wait” (written 1938) is the source work for three movies (and an indirect contribution to two others).
The 1941 movie adaptation is titled “Here Comes Mr. Jordan” and stars Robert Montgomery as a prizefighter
The 1943 film titled “Heaven Can Wait” is unrelated to these other works, except for the title and the general idea of an official of the Hereafter being a key character.  Ernst Lubitsch directed, as he did several classic films, early operetta-style film musicals, and “Ninotchka.”
The 1947 sequel “Down to Earth” returned James Gleason as the prizefighter’s manager and Edward Everett Horton as the entry clerk in Heaven, but brought back no central characters.  This time, the rehearsal of a stage musical is subject to interference from a Goddess (Rita Hayworth) who has taken human form.
The 1978 “Heaven Can Wait” closely follows the film adaptation of the 1941 film.  Warren Beatty played a football player this time out.
The 1980 “Xanadu” remakes the 1947 “Down to Earth” with Olivia Newton-John as the mythical figure taking human form.  Gene Kelly shared the lead, using a character name he had opposite Rita Hayworth when they co-starred in 1944.*
The 2001 “Down to Earth” is the third movie version of the original play.  Chris Rock played a comic taken by Death before his time in this adaptation.  Despite the title, this is not a remake of the 1947 film.

* That 1944 film — “Cover Girl” — is of significance to these other films only on the basis of the connection between character name and long-ago co-star.